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Does your pet shop local?

[pet-uh-goh-jee] Petagogy is an independently-owned local pet supply store that is operated by five humans and their six dogs. Where did we get that name? It comes from the word “pedagogy,” which is the art or profession of teaching. No, we’re not an obedience school or pet care experts, but we do pride ourselves on learning about the best products out there, and we hope to pass on that information to our customers.


Our animals aren’t just pets, they’re our family. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure they live long, happy and healthy lives. We opened Petagogy to give Pittsburgh-area pet owners access to an independent store in their community that has a knowledgeable staff and a wide selection of healthy and natural foods, treats and supplies for dogs and cats. Many of our products are not offered anywhere else in the Pittsburgh area. We know your pets will love them!

The Dogs Behind Petagogy
Our three “founding” dogs, Deeka, Jack and Bumble Bee, are the inspiration behind Petagogy. They are also the store’s mascots; you’ll recognize them by their silhouettes on our logo! There’s also Daisy the Beagle mix, who was added to the Petagogy family after the store opened, and bully mixes Biggie and Mikey, who became Petagogy dogs after their mom joined the team in 2012. Sadly, we lost two of our furry family members, Hippo and Yogi, in August 2017, but we added three more — Princess Gina, Chupa and Matzy — in 2018!

The People Behind Our Store
Owners Ben and Elsie live in Greensburg with their daughters Ada, Carly and Maggie and dogs Jack, Bumble Bee and Princess Gina. Jack is a Labradoodle who loves to run and play ball. Bumble Bee is an American Bulldog whose favorite pastime is cuddling on the couch and watching planes fly overhead. Princess Gina is a pit bull (a Biggies Bullies alum!) who loves being a part of this large and fun-loving family!

Owners Heather and Cole live in Point Breeze with their daughter Maida, son Sam, and dogs Deeka and Daisy, both of whom were adopted from Animal Friends. Daisy is a Beagle mix and Deeka is a…well, we’re not exactly sure what she is but our best guess is a Chihuahua-Corgi mix. Heather and Cole can often be seen taking Deeka and Daisy on walks around the East End or through Frick Park. When not out and about, there’s nothing Deeka and Daisy like more than begging for treats, sleeping on our laps or enjoying raw bones out in the yard.

Owner Alli lives in Beechview with her boyfriend Aaron and bully mixes Biggie, Mikey, Chupa and Matzy (and usually a few foster dogs). Alli is the founder and president of Biggies Bullies, a non-profit, foster-based bully breed rescue. Biggies Bullies’ mission is to give wonderful dogs a second chance, help change the public’s opinion of the American Pit Bull Terrier and educate society on the importance of spaying and neutering dogs. Alli has been working with animals since her first job as a pet sitter more than 10 years ago, and has been with Petagogy since 2012.

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