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COVID-19 Update

Both Petagogy locations are open regular hours for in-store shopping! We ask that all customers wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth and practice social distancing while inside the store. Curbside pickup is also available for customers uncomfortable coming inside.

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Petagogy offers the best selection of premium and natural pet foods and supplies in the Pittsburgh area.

At Petagogy, our goal is to not only offer the best pet products on the market, but also to be a resource for our customers on the wide variety of healthy, fun and innovative products available to meet their pet’s individual needs.

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Grain Free Diets & DCM Update

A June 15, 2020 review in the Journal of Animal Science finds no connection between Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and grain free dog food and states the reports that have been circulating online over the last two years offered “incomplete medical information and conflicting medical data and opinions from veterinary nutrition influencers.”


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Community Events with Petagogy

Petagogy hosts many free pet-friendly events throughout the year. Although we’re always doing new things, there are a few mainstay events that we do every year, and sometimes every season!

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Our Stores

Visit us on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside or Route 30 in Greensburg for healthy foods and treats, unique products and knowledgeable staff.

Natural Foods & Treats

We only carry healthy natural foods that are good for your pets and can help you make informed choices about our products.

Unique Toys & Accessories

We carry fun and innovative pet toys, beds, accessories, and supplies that are both unique and affordable.

Are Your Pets Winter Ready?

Snow is here and many dogs love to play in it! But, with snow comes ice and salt, which can be both painful and harmful to dogs that come in contact with it. Make your winter outings with your dog safer and more enjoyable with these winter weather products (available at both Petagogy locations): GroundWorks Natural Icemelter – The chemicals used in traditional road salt and ice melt can cause dryness, cracking and even burns to a dog’s pads. GroundWorks is a premium fertilizer-based product designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being completely eco-friendly and pet safe. It safely works to -23°C (-9°F), melting ice and snow even in the toughest winter conditions. You should always wash and dry your dog’s paws and pads after walks to remove any ice and salt, as well as check for cracked pads or redness in between the toes. Pawz Rubber Dog Boots – These disposable-reusable boots will protect your dog’s paws from harmful and painful rock salt and icemelter. Each pack comes with twelve biodegradable rubber booties that will last many wearings; simply replace individual boots when needed. We get asked about other rubber-soled boots, but we like Pawz because they are the most natural-feeling boots your dog can wear, allowing your dog to feel the ground and providing a needed sense of stability. Musher’s Secret – A good alternative for dogs that dislike wearing boots, Musher’s Secret is a dense barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides pad and paw protection in extreme weather conditions. It’s made from a blend of... read more

Fireworks and Pet Noise Anxiety

July 4 is here, which means picnics, barbeques, and … fireworks. Fireworks are exciting for us, but our pets may not understand what is happening and can be overtaken by anxiety and fear because of the loud noises. If you know that there will be fireworks nearby, it is best to try to prevent noise anxiety before it occurs. The Thundershirt is a great non-medicinal product that uses gentle pressure to ease a dog’s anxiety. There are also several treats and supplements available to help calm an anxious dog or cat; a few of our favorites are Rescue Remedy, Vetriscience Composure treats, Herbsmith July Third, Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming treats, Super Snouts Chill Out, and Adaptil and Feliway sprays and diffusers. Additionally, one of the many health benefits of CBD oil is that it can be an effective calming tool for nervous or anxious pets. If fireworks make your pet anxious, be wary of his or her ability to run away during a bout of noise anxiety. Make sure all doors and gates are closed. If your dog is on a leash or harness, make sure you are holding the leash tight and that he or she can’t slip their collar (if they can, it may be time to try a martingale-style collar, which has an extra non-slip loop). Even if you have a pet that would not normally run away, if their anxiety takes over they may act on their instinct to run for safety. More pets are lost over the Independence Day holiday than any other time of year; take precautions to keep your pets safe during... read more

Happy Birthday to our Paws Club Pets!

Happy birthday or adoption day to all the party animals celebrating during the month of August! Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Abigail, Ace, Albus, Alex, Alice, Alvin, Alyce, Amber, Ambrose, Amelia, Angie, Annie, Arbor, Ariel, Arlo, Armando, Arthur, Ash, Aslan, Aspen, Athena, Atticus, Aubrie, Autumn, Ava, Babauche, Bailey, Bailey Boo, Baley, Bambi, Bandit, Barley, Barlow, Basil, Basti, Bat Masterson, Batman, Baul, Baylee, BB, Beamster, Bear, Beatrix, Beau, Becky, Beeb, Beetle, Bella, Belle, Belle Pelle, Bender, Benito, Benji, Bennie, Bently, Berney, Bessie, Betsy, Betty, Bia, Bigby, Biggs, Binx, Birdie, Bjorn, Bleu, Blitz, Blue, Bo, Bobo, Bodhi, Bogus, BoJangles, Boji, Bonsai, Boo Boo, Boomer, Borat, Bosco, Bowie, Bowle, Boz, Brando, Brannigan, Breeze, Bridgette Bardot, Brix, Brody, Brooklyn, Bruce, Bruder, Bruiser, Bruno, Brutus, Bryce, Bubba, Bucky, Buffy, Bugsy, Buster, Butch, Butkus, Cade, Cal, Callie, Capone, Carlynn, Carma, Casey, Catori, Charley, Charlie, Charliee, Charlotte, Chase, Chesapeake, Chesnut, Chief Mazza, Chilli, Chinch, Chip, Chipeun, Chloe, Chotu, Chrome, Chubbs, Chuck, Cinder, Claire, Clancy, Clarice, Cleo, Clyde, Coa, Coco, Coco Puff, Codi, Colby Jack, Colt, Cong Cong, Connor, Cooper, Copper, Corky, Covie, Cowboy, Crackerjack, Cricket, Crookshanks, Crosby, Cross, Cruz, Cupcake, Cutie Pie, Daisy, Daisy Mae, Dakota, Dante, Daphne, Darby, Darcy, Dash, Dasha, Davey, Dawson, Debby, Demey, Desi, Desmond, Desoto, Dexter, Diamond, Diego, Dini, Dino, Diva, Dixie, Django, Dobie, Dolly, Donaghy, Doodles, Dora, Dorothy, Doug, Dr. Pancake, Dreux, Dublin, Dude, Duffy, Duke, Duncan, Dunkin, Dushka, Dusty, Dutch, Dwayne, Dwight, Eartha, Echo, Echoes, Eeyore, Elby, Eliott, Ella, Ellie, Elsie, Elvis, Emerson, Emma, Emmett, Emmit, Emmy, Eva, Evan, Everest Hobavente, Evian, Ezzy, Falcor, Fantasia Felice, Fawkes, Ferdinand, Fergie, Fin, Finn , Finnegan O’Riley, Finnigan, Flash, Floof, Floyd, Floydd, Forrest, Frankie, Franklin, Freddy,... read more