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Pet Nutrition

At Petagogy we’re all about pet nutrition. In fact, the main reason we opened our first store in 2011 was to provide Shadyside and Pittsburgh-area pet owners with access to healthy, natural and safe pet foods, including high quality kibble and canned food, as well as alternative and raw diets that aren’t available in chain pet stores or grocery stores. And, we’re excited to offer these products to our new customers in Greensburg!

Dry – Dry pet food (kibble) is the most convenient and economical option for feeding your pets. Kibble is processed through extrusion and has a shelf life for up to one year from the production date. Meat-based kibble formulas are available in whole grain, grain-free and grain- and potato-free formulas. Brands include Acana, Fromm, Orijen and Zignature.

Canned – Canned pet foods are rich in moisture, which is essential to your pet’s diet (especially cats) and can help prevent urinary and kidney problems later in life. Canned foods are also less processed and retain more of their nutritional value than kibble. Brands include Bff, Dave’s, Fussie Cat, Lotus, Party Animal and Weruva.

Freeze-Dried/Dehydrated – Unlike cooked foods, freeze-dried and dehydrated foods retain nearly all of their nutrients, enzymes and compounds. The water is removed without cooking or much processing, but the foods should be rehydrated before serving. These diets offer the benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of dry foods since these foods do not require freezing and thawing. Brands include The Honest Kitchen, Grandma Lucy’s, Primal, Sojos and Stella & Chewy’s.

Frozen Raw – Commercial raw diets consist of a combination of uncooked meat, ground bones, organ meat, fruits, vegetables and minerals. The raw diet is considered the most biologically appropriate diet for cats and dogs, as it mimics what these animals would have eaten in the wild. Since raw diets are unprocessed, they retain 100% of their nutritional profile and contain no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Brands include Answers, Primal, Rad Cat and Stella & Chewy’s.

Lower quality pet foods may be cheaper, but they often have hidden costs!

Poor quality food will often result in health issues such as poor digestion and diarrhea, hot spots, itching, dandruff and other skin problems, lethargy (due to poor nutrition) or hyperactivity (due to sugars and simple/processed carbohydrates), oral and dental health issues, and joint and weight problems. These problems can lead to more costly visits to your veterinarian. Simply switching to a higher quality food can remedy most common pet health issues.

Higher quality pet foods can actually cost you less in the long run. Pets eating higher quality, animal protein-dense foods typically eat 20% to 40% less food than pets eating cheaper grocery store brands, but get the same number of calories, superior vitamins and minerals, and from better sources. In the long run, higher quality food can also mean fewer vet visits.

Unlike the big chain pet stores, the Petagogy team carefully reviews the ingredients of all foods sold in the store. We only carry foods that we feel comfortable feeding to our own pets. There’s so much to learn about pet food and pet nutrition, and we’re constantly learning ourselves. Check out our Pet Resources page for links to some of our favorite sites and organizations that specialize in pet nutrition.

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