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COVID-19 Update

Petagogy is operating curbside pickup and delivery only at both Petagogy Shadyside and Petagogy Greensburg. Operating hours during the shutdown are 12:00 to 6:00 pm daily.

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Petagogy offers the best selection of premium and natural pet foods and supplies in the Pittsburgh area.

At Petagogy, our goal is to not only offer the best pet products on the market, but also to be a resource for our customers on the wide variety of healthy, fun and innovative products available to meet their pet’s individual needs.

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Community Events with Petagogy

Petagogy hosts many free events throughout the year. Although we’re always doing new things, there are a few mainstay events that we do every year, and sometimes every season!

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Grain Free Diets & DCM Update

In June the FDA released a follow up statement regarding the potential association between diet and DCM in dogs. They have not found a causal link between DCM and pet food.

Ignore the click bait headlines being circulated on social media — please call us with any questions! Please also check out our FAQ for more information on grain free diets and DCM.

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Our Stores

Visit us on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside or Route 30 in Greensburg for healthy foods and treats, unique products and knowledgeable staff.

Natural Foods & Treats

We only carry healthy natural foods that are good for your pets and can help you make informed choices about our products.

Unique Toys & Accessories

We carry fun and innovative pet toys, beds, accessories, and supplies that are both unique and affordable.

Notice to our Customers: COVID-19 Update

We are operating curbside pickup and delivery only at both Petagogy Shadyside and Petagogy Greensburg. Operating hours are 12:00 to 6:00 pm daily. As the shutdown order will now continue into April, we are only offering curbside pickup and delivery at both Petagogy Shadyside and Petagogy Greensburg. No one will be permitted inside either store until all shutdown orders are lifted. Our operating hours to place both curbside and delivery orders will be 12:00 to 6:00 pm every day at both locations. Please call us in advance and pay for your order over the phone via credit card. We will gather your order and run it out to your vehicle. If no one answers during business hours please leave a detailed voicemail with your name and phone number; we’ll return your call within 30 minutes. Petagogy Shadyside – 412-362-7387 Petagogy Greensburg – 724-691-0325 Although our doors will be locked we will be open! If you physically stop by either location, we will come outside to take your order and get payment. Both locations are offering free delivery for orders of $35 or more to locations within 5 driving miles of either store. Please allow 48 hours for delivery. We will also make exceptions for seniors, individuals with special needs and anyone unable to leave their homes who live outside of our delivery area. Please call your nearest store to make arrangements. **If you are unable to pick up orders within the designated operating hours or live outside our delivery area please call the store and we will accommodate you. Rescue Re-Tail Powered by Petagogy located inside Humane Animal Rescue will... read more

Petagogy Shadyside’s 8th Anniversary PAWty & Pet Vendor Fair

Petagogy Shadyside is turning eight, and we’re celebrating with our annual Anniversary PAWty & Pet Vendor Fair on Sunday, June 2 from 12:00 to 3:00 pm! Bring your pup and enjoy activities, samples, giveaways, raffles and more! Plus, get 10% off your entire purchase at Petagogy Shadyside (on top of special deals on select pet food brands)*! • Representatives from natural pet food and treat companies • Pet photo booth with Bark & Gold Photography • $10 nail trims by Courtney from Steel City Pack Leader • Locally-made collars & recycled apparel from Scout Dog and PupCycled for sale • Prize raffle featuring pet gift baskets and gift certificates–all proceeds benefit Humane Animal Rescue • Free doggie ice cream, samples, giveaways and more! The event will take place in the parking lot across the street from Petagogy (adjacent to Kozloff & Meaders Antiques). Both metered and residential street parking in Shadyside is free on Sundays! Take advantage of these special pet food deals during the event: (Shadyside location only) • Earthborn Holistic & Venture: $2 off 4.5 and 5 lb bags, $3 off 12.5 and 14 lb bags, $5 off 25 and 28 lb bags • Farmina: $2 off all 3.3 and 5.5 lb bags, $3 off all 15.4 lb bags, $5 off all 26.4 lb bags • Fromm: $4 off all 2, 4 and 5 lb bags, $7 off all 12 and 15 lb bags, $10 off all 26, 30 and 33 lb bags • Fussie Cat: $2 off all 2 lb bags, $3 off all 4 lb bags, $5 off all 10 lb bags • Open Farm: 20% off all foods and treats... read more

Grain Free Diets, Taurine & Dilated Cardiomyopathy

In July 2018, the FDA released a statement about a possible link between the development of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and grain free diets, specifically those diets containing high levels of legumes and potatoes. At this time, the FDA called upon consumers and veterinarians to self report any possible cases of DCM in dogs that were only eating grain free diets. On June 27, 2019, the FDA released a follow-up report stating that they have not found any causal link between diet and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. Although they are continuing to investigate the cause of DCM, the agency believes the connection between diet and DCM is a complex scientific issue involving multiple factors. Currently, DCM impacts less than 1% of U.S. dogs, with .000007% being possibly related to diet and and others possibly caused by genetic predispositions. Read the full FDA statement. Please read our FAQ below for more information about taurine, grain free diets and DCM. We have also included links to information from veterinarians and pet food manufacturers on the subject, including this piece by Dr. Ryan Yamka, PhD, who is board certified in companion animal nutrition by the American College of Animal Sciences and a fellow with the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Yamka’s article debunks many of the rumors that have been circulating since the FDA released their statement in June. What are grain free diets? Grain Free diets refer to any pet food diet that does not contain cereal grains (wheat, corn, soy, rice, barley, oats). As dry pet food (“kibble”) requires a form of starch as a binding agent, many grain free diets contain potatoes... read more